Whilst the system is designed to do a lot, there are a few areas which have been put together for businesses whom need to do a little bit more.

Adding these to your subscription can be done by opening the ‘Subscription’ page (at the top-right of the ‘Configuration’ page), and then by ticking the add-ons you would like to use, followed by clicking update!

Every add-on is different, with some working out of the box, and some requiring some additional configuration based on your needs.

Some addons are included with higher subscriptions - ie. groups are included for businesses with over 50 staff/volunteers.

Addons include;

  • Administration hours - record hours worked outside of events - ie. preparing for training, meetings, etc, as well as maintenance and other activities. Administration hours can then be exported to payroll as well.

  • Accommodation for events - allow you to enter & manage accommodation for your staff/volunteers which has been booked.

  • Discussions - Add discussion topics, reply, participate in & follow discussion topics which may be of interest to your team.

  • Groups - separate your organisation into different teams, geographic areas, departments, etc, with capabilities to give people access to other groups, and set different permissions for each.

  • Linked events/relationships - link events together, such as shifts, different locations as part of the same event, and more

  • Notes for people - create & manage managerial notes for staff/volunteers - eg. performance management, positive feedback received from clients, fellow colleagues, etc

  • Post event report lists - record more detailed information as part of the post event information, such as breakdowns of the types of work performed at event, types of requests for assistance, and so-on.

  • Recurring events - create events automatically according to rules setup, such as training sessions, meetings, ongoing bookings & shifts, etc.

  • Rostering restrictions - allow you to setup restrictions which apply to your staff/volunteers at events - eg. certain people might not be able to attend certain venues, events for specific clients, types of events, etc.

  • Service History - track, manage & refine service & employment history of your staff/volunteers within the organisation, as well as tracking years of service.

  • Stats & KPI information - generate & tracks activity stats for admin staff, such as event creation & rostering

  • Training schedule - allowing you to setup events with learning outcomes, highlighting training your staff/volunteers would benefit from

  • Travel arrangements - manage flights & other travel which has been booked/required for your staff/volunteers & the events they’re attending. Entries are also collated towards expense reporting for the event.