Starting Out

wWe've prepared a few guides for you to use when starting out - select one based on your needs;

Volunteers & Staff

This section includes everything you need to know in order to begin using the system, including information on accessing the system, updating your personal information, and finding upcoming events, as well how to enter your available times for new events, submit event reports, contact people through the system, and view your hours and availabilities.

For event team leaders

Typically there would be a person nominated as being in charge of each shift - based on your business requirements, typically they would have access to contact numbers and some additional event information to assist them in the work required.


This section includes everything you need to know in order to manage your staff and volunteers, create events as well as creating and allocating resources. This section also includes information on generating and viewing reports and timesheets, as well as information on the recruitment module.

Information on processing invoices can be found here and information on processing timesheets can be found here.


This section contains information on how to administer the system, including how to administer groups, users and permissions, as well as viewing audit logs, and setting up integration with accounting packages. This section also includes information about using the site configuration page, which allows you to change the behaviour of the system for different groups.

For your clients

If you wish, you can setup your clients to login to the system to manage their own information, book in events and view previous events.