Organising and managing your event has just become easier! With our events management software you can roster and manage your staff or volunteers, keep staff updated by email, manage resources, use the planning tool and much more. A benefit of using a centralised events management system is that each user is working with real-time information. You can finally say goodbye to multiple versions of excel spreadsheets and become more efficient.

Our events management software is designed to manage hundreds of events with ease, combining intelligent reporting and automated email notifications. Finding upcoming or past events, understaffed events and particular clients can be done quickly and easily for effective event planning.

Rostering staff can be as simple as adding people to the event as needed, or as complex as specifying individual start and finish times for each person. The software allows you to indicate the role for each staff member at the event, designate the staff member to a location, and define the person in charge. Using a self-serve approach in event management means workload can be distributed among staff and/or volunteers. It also allows staff or volunteers to express interest in attending particular events and specify who is responsible for staff rostering. This will free up time for other team members and simultaneously allows you to keep track of your events, at anytime of the day.

In addition, the events system has a calendar functionality that allows staff to indicate their availability, offering full day, morning, afternoon or evening options. This feature is useful for long term event planning as well as last minute rostering.

Rostered staff/volunteers will be automatically reminded of their shift by email one week prior to the event, as well as receiving a reminder the day before.