Staff & Volunteer availabilities can be added into the system, and are then used for finding people who might be available for future events - such as to replace someone who has called in sick, or finding additional staff for events which might be larger than anticipated.

Entering Availabilities

For your staff & volunteers to enter their own availabilities, the best approach is to click the 'My Availabilities' icon on the dash-board, and first complete the 'General' tab (to the top right of the screen). This lets your staff & volunteers select the days they're generally available, along with general time-slots (Eg. Morning / Afternoon / Evening / etc) they might be free.

After saving that information, the 'Detailed' tab will be populated with their selections, and allow your staff & volunteers to note down any changes in their schedule, as well as entering when they've scheduled holidays and other days they're unavailable.

The system ensures at least 3 months of availability information is entered by automatically entering it in advance, based on your selections in the 'General' tab.

Viewing Availabilities

You can view staff availabilities across an entire group at once by going to People > Availabilities. In addition to filtering this report to only show availabilities between a particular set of dates, you can also set the report to only display staff by age, suburb or skills and qualifications.

When viewing staff & volunteers who are available for a particular event, the system will also take into account the different positions at an event which require staff, and thus match staff to those positions based on the skills someone might have.

Holidays & Dates you are Unavailable

Dates you are unavailable for can be entered by clicking 'unavailable' on the dates in particular, or by clicking the link at the bottom of the calendar where you can specify a range of dates, for instance when you are on holidays or across busy periods at work.

Dates that you are on standby

There are certain situations where an organisation may need people on standby, for example in order to respond to an emergency which may or may not happen.
In the calendar view, you can mark yourself as on standby for a particular day by using the circle icon in the top left corner of the day on the calendar.
If the circle is red, it means that you are on standby, and ready to respond if needed.