Once an event is complete, the event will be shown in the invoicing reports, and also be ready for processing timesheets and payroll for staff.

The first of these steps is to confirm the hours staff worked at an event - this can either be done by a staff member themselves (eg. they can individually confirm their hours), or by the team leader for an event (via a post-event report).

When you're ready to process your pay-run, the timesheets will need to be reviewed, and exported to your accounting package for payment. Generally, the hours worked, together with pay rates and any allowances are sent to your accounting package together. Any expenses which have been entered for your staff are generally also sent at the same time to your accounting package to be included as reimbursements.

To complete timesheet and export or send them to your accounting system: under the 'People' menu, click the 'Timesheets' item and on the 'Timesheets' tab, check the people you wish to export timesheets for and click the 'Display complete timesheet' button. In the page thats then displayed, check the required timesheet (and expenses) items and click the 'Export to file' or 'Send to accounting package' button, depending on your system configuration.

Follow the links for information on how to configure pay rates and allowances or to manage expenses.

See accounting packages for information specific to a particular accounting package, and details of what each can provide.

If you have any specific needs which aren't already catered for, please speak to us.