Roles people undertake within groups can be assigned at any stage to an individual. Unlike positions, someone can be assigned multiple roles across any of the groups they are part of.

Roles are added within the 'Roles' tab, within the 'People/Roles' link in the settings menu.

Examples of roles someone could undertake are;

  • Event Organiser
  • Occupational Health & Safety Officer (OH&S)

An organisational chart with the roles people hold might look like the following;

In this instance, the following people are 'First Aid Officers' from the 'Northern Region' group;

  • John Cameron
  • Betty Knight
  • Joel Smith

The following people are 'OH&S Officers' within 'Northern Region';

  • Joel Smith
  • Kate Jones

The following people are Equipment Support staff within 'Southern Region';

  • John Smith
  • Charles Jones

The following people are 'Communications' staff within 'Southern Region';

  • Charles Jones
  • Kate James

In this instance 'Kate James' is part of both Northern & Southern regions, and holds different roles in each. Both 'Joel Smith' and 'Charles Jones' both also hold multiple roles, but only within their respective groups.

Roles can be 'shared' with all sub-groups if needed, rather than needing to re-enter the same role to all sub-groups.

Assigning Roles to a Person

To add or change roles someone has, first add any roles into the system if they haven't yet been added (via the 'Settings' menu on the left, then click 'Positions & Roles for People').

Once completed, then edit someone's details and select any roles which are applicable in the 'Other Details' section of the page. If no 'Roles' area is shown, it means that no roles have been entered for the groups someone is part of.

Contact Details

When somebody is assigned a role within a group, their contact details become available for viewing to everybody in that group from the 'Contact Details' link on the dashboard. For more information about this, see the Contact Details page.