Additional Permissions

Additional permissions can be granted to people to view/manage information they would otherwise not have access to (eg. groups they're not a member of).

Currently additional permissions are limited to granting additional access to skills/qualifications, however this may expand as required.

Additional permissions can be granted in one (or more) of the following ways;

  • Be given to a specific person (ie. edit their permissions and grant them additional permissions)

  • Via a role they have been given


Additional permissions is an alternative way of allowing a person access to areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see/access - eg;

  • View qualifications for people in other areas of the organisation (ie. for members of a training department)


Admin access is required to the relevant groups the permissions apply to when they’re assigned to individual people or the roles (in the same way admin access is required when assigning permissions to a person at the moment).

This also applies to any roles which are being added to a person - the user adding the role needs to have admin access of the groups the role has permissions for.