Permissions are broken up by Group and Person, meaning one person in a particular group can have totally different access levels to another person in the same group.

Typically permissions will be the same for someone for any type of event - eg. they will be able to 'modify' any event information for a group, although they can also be customised by event-type. This means someone who might be able to modify event details for 'Sporting' (event-type) events, can only 'view' (or have no access at all) to 'Community' events.

Access Levels

Access to the various areas are split into the following sections;

  • Events - for listing, viewing and adding/updating event information
  • Clients - for listing, viewing and managing client information
  • People - for listing, viewing and managing information related to your staff & volunteers
  • Resources - for listing, viewing and managing information about your resources/assets

This allows you to give access to certain areas of the system based on an individuals needs.

Administrator Access

Administrator-level access gives you full access to all areas of the site within the relevant group, irrespective of any other permissions that has been set for that person in the group.

Administrator access to a top-level group (eg. one which has no parent) also gives the ability to manage event types, as well as types of people, together with management of other groups in the system.

As a group administrator, you can also add sub-groups within your group.


By default, new users only get 'View' access to events within their own groups.

People need to have their account enabled first before they can login - until then, they won't be able to access the system.