A recruitment facility is available as an add-on to the system.

It will give applicants the opportunity to do the following;

  • Enter their basic information
  • Upload a resume
  • Enter their references
  • Enter their availabilities
  • Add any skills & qualifications they have


This gives you the following extra facilities;

  • A link you can place on your website to the system which new applicants to your organisation can fill in
  • Applicant's details will be saved directly into the system
  • Reference check contact details & notes can be entered
  • Tracking of application process
  • Email communication to applicant

The following is a general overview of the application process the system supports;

To start using the recruitment module, visit the 'Configuration' page in the system, then click the 'Recruitment' link which is at the bottom of the 'People' tab. This opens up a small window giving you a range of options, including the following;

  • Which group new applicants should be placed
  • Their default position
  • Whom should be notified when a new applicant submits their information
  • Which qualifications you would like to allow applicants to complete
  • Enter how many (if any) references they need to complete

Once enabled, you can direct applicants to the following page, as well as including it on your website if you wish;

https://<your site url>/recruitment/join-now