Event Resources

Resources can be allocated to events as required.

Resource Requirements

In the planning stage, it may not be known which specific resources are being assigned. In this instance, the resource requirements can instead be set, with later allocation being done closer to the event-date.

This allows you to specify the types and quantities of resources required (eg. 10 x Radios, 2 x Vehicles).

Resource requirements can be reported on via the 'Requirements' report in the 'Resources' menu on the left hand side.

As resources are added to an event, the the # of resources still required is calculated, based on what's already been allocated, and what is required for the event - eg;


Resources required for an event

  • 2x Car
  • 5x Radio

Resources allocated;

  • 1x Ford Camry (which has the 'type' set to "Car")
  • 1x VW Golf (another "Car")
  • 1x VW Transporter (which has a 'type' set to "Van")
  • 2x Motorola GP300 (a radio)

In-turn, this means the following types of resources are allocated;

  • 2x Car (1x Ford Camry & 1x VW Golf)
  • 1x Van (1x VW Transporter)
  • 2x Radio (2x Motorola GP300) 

In-turn, this means the following resource-types are still required for the event;

  • 3x Radio (2x radios have already been allocated)

Multiple Items

If the resource being assigned comprises of multiple items (eg. a box of t-shirts, or a collection of brochures), you can indicate how many have been allocated to the event by specifying the 'Quantity' assigned.


Resources assigned can be included in the invoice to your clients. By default, this will be the 'fee' specified within the resource details, however you can customise this on an event-by-event basis if you prefer, such as where a discount might be applicable, or an additional cost is incurred which needs to be invoiced.