Event templates allow you to enter a brief set of details for events that occur more frequently, which means you won’t have to enter the same data for reoccurring events.

Event Templates can be added or updated via the ‘Settings’ menu, by clicking ‘Event Templates’. Within this page you can add and manage your event templates.

To use a template when entering a new event, simple click 'Add event', and then select from the list of templates you would like to use, then click 'Load'. The event details saved in the template will be copied across to the event, saving you from having to re-type it each time.

If you have the same event booked for multiple days, see 'Duplicating events'.

Adding sub-events to an event template

An event template can configured to include sub-events that will be automatically created along with the parent event when the parent event template is used to create a new event. 

Once all of your templates have been created you can create multi-level parent child relationships between them using the sub-events feature. To do this:

  1. Go to “Settings => Event Templates” and choose the top level parent template from the list.
  2.  On the Event Details page, click “Options” and choose “Configure Sub-events”
  3. In the dialogue that appears, choose the sub-event(s) from the dropdown list, then click “Add new”
  4. You can then drag-and-drop the sub-events that have been added to re-order them or create further parent-child relationships between them
    (Hint: click the triangle next to an event template to expand or collapse the levels below)
    (Hint: wait until the little blue arrow  appears next to target template before dropping the dragged template to create a lower level sub-event)
  5. When finished, click   and then  to save the sub-event configuration for the template.