This area requires the ‘Discussions’ addon to be enabled for your subscription

Discussions can be used by staff/volunteers to post & reply to topics of interest, as well as watching any discussions they may be interested in following.

As discussions are added to, people whom have already replied or are watching a topic will be notified.

Discussion topics can also be sent out as a message - eg. if you know someone in the organisation whom might be interested in also participating.

Topics are only shown to those in the group a topic has been shared with - ie. it might be a discussion topic for the management team to discuss, or something which are shared with support workers about how to help others in their team.

Managing discussions

If you make a mistake, replies can be edited by the person who added them, as well as any administrators of the group the topic has been posted in.

Topics can also be edited or removed by admins of the group if required.