Changing your password

It is recommended that you change your password to something known only to you as soon as you have logged into your account for the first time. This will ensure the security of your account. To change your password you need to click on “Change Password” which lies below the “My Preferences” link used above. It will open a screen that looks like the image below.

To change your password

  1. Enter your old password. It will appear as a series of black dots. If you have never changed it, it will be the password that was emailed to you and you used to log in.

  2. Enter a new password that you will remember and no-one else is likely to guess, and meet the minimum password requirements (below)

    For further advice on choosing a secure password, see the following guides: 

  3. Repeat the password you typed in EXACTLY as above. It will still be case sensitive.

Once you have done this, press the 'change password'  button, which will change your password within the system. If you have successfully changed your password, the following notice will appear, and an email will be sent to you containing your new password.

You can also link your Google or Facebook accounts to the events management system. This means that  you will only need to be logged into your linked Facebook or Google account to access the system.

To link an account, click on the "Connect to Google" or "Connect to Facebook" link on the right-hand side of the page, and follow the prompts.

Minimum password requirements

User passwords are used as one of the ways the system protects the information you have access to from being accessed by others whom might try to login as you. As such, a strong password should be used.

When setting a password, it should at least;

  • Be 6 characters long

  • Have at least one letter

  • Include both upper and lower case letters

  • Include at least one number

Ideally also include at least one special character (eg. #, $, etc).