Mobile Devices

The system is designed in a responsive way to work on different devices of varying screen-sizes, from desktop computers, to laptops, tablets, and smart-phones.

Because phones and tablets have smaller screen-sizes, the page you see may be slightly different to what you see on a desktop or laptop computer, given there's less room to display information.

It's been done this way so you can still access the entire system from your phone or tablet for managers and those which need access to more information than most, rather than only a small subset of it via the VTEvents mobile iPhone / Android app.

To use the system on your phone, just type in the same address as your normally would use on your desktop or laptop computer, enter your username & password and you should be able to use everything as normal.

Note that administrative areas are designed to be used on larger screens, and may not function in the same way when viewed on a smaller screen.

If you have any difficulties, please let us know by submitting a bug or improvement request.

VTEvents iPhone / Android App

To use the iPhone or Android app, all you need to do is download it, sign in, and away you go - more information is available here; VTEvents mobile iPhone / Android app

Adding an icon to your home-screen

To add a shortcut to the system to your home-screen, the following instructions may assist;

Note these are guides which others have created and published, and are not maintained by VTEvents.