To access the system, all you need is an internet connection and an up-to-date web browser. First, go to the address provided (eg. http://yourcompany.vtevents.com.au).

A login screen will appear with your companies logo and a few boxes for your username and password.

Your password is then entered in the box below - it is displayed as a series of dots to protect your password. Once entered, click the 'Sign in' button.

If you've entered an incorrect password or username, or if your account hasn't been activated, a message will appear with a reason why.

Re-enter your username and password and remember that your password is case-sensitive. If this still will not work, contact your manager or volunteer coordinator to look into it further.

Alternate Usernames

To make it easy to login, any of the following can be used as your username;

  • Your full name (eg. Thomas Smith)
  • Your preferred name (eg. Tom Spencer)
  • A combination of your preferred name and full name (eg. Thomas Spencer, or Tom Smith)
  • Your email address (eg. tom.smith@yourcompany.com)
  • Your staff ID/volunteer member number (eg. V12345)

If there are more than one staff members/volunteers with the same name (eg. Fred Smith), then both people will need to login using an alternative unique username, such as their email address or staff ID/volunteer member number.

Logging in for the first time

If you're logging into the system for the first time, a terms-and-conditions screen will appear - once you've had a read through it, and if you agree, click 'I Agree', to start using the system. The terms and conditions can be found on the vtevents.com.au website if you need them again.

Once you've logged in, the site will take you through to the dash-board where you can start using the system.


Logging in with your Google/Facebook accounts

If you're a user of either Google or Facebook and have an account with them, you can link it to the system so all you need to do is click the 'Facebook' or 'Google' button on the login screen to login.

Behind the scenes, when you click to login, we ask the account provider (either Facebook/Google) if you're logged in, and if so, what account are you using. We then find your corresponding account within the system and log you in using that.

To associate your VTevents account with either Facebook or Google, simple goto the 'My password' screen in the system, and follow the prompts. It's generally a very quick process to go through to setup.

We only store your Account ID in the respective system, along with some information each of the respective providers passes across to identify you next time you login. We don't look at, or store any friends lists, status updates or anything like that - nor do we request any additional permissions to do anything apart from asking if you're logged in, and as who.

Resetting your password

If you've tried logging in and realized you can't remember your password anymore, you can easily reset it by clicking 'I forgot my password', which will take you to a screen where you can request that a new password be sent to you.

You will need to enter your name and email address here - the system will then use this information to find your record (ensuring both your name and email address match), and email you a new password for you to use.

A new password will be set even if you've tried logging in too many times and your account has been locked out. Upon having a new password sent, your account will also be unlocked for you to use immediately.

If your account has been disabled or we can't find your records, you won't receive an email – in this case, please contact your team-leader or manager to reset your password.

Locating your account

To retrieve a persons records and send them a new password, the following conditions must be met;

  • The persons name & email combination matches
  • The person has an email address entered
  • The persons account is enabled
  • The status of the person is either 'Active' or 'On leave'
  • The group the person is assigned to needs to active
  • There must be only one record of the person found - we don't want to send a new password to the wrong person after all!

If any of these conditions aren't met, the password-reset won't be able to be processed, and an email to you won't be sent.

What if theres a problem?

For security reasons, we cannot provide more information when you request a password reset, such as if there were any problems retrieving your information or resetting your password.

Special Group Accounts

When multiple people work in the same position (such as scheduling coordinators, or events managers), you can setup a group account which can be used by each of the staff members, whilst also making note of which individuals were making various changes to events, people, etc.

Logging in using a group account requires an additional step for your staff - first they must login using their own personal account, then click 'My account & password' (on the left hand side), and then click 'Login using another account'. From there you can login using the special group account.

See Impersonating Accounts for more information.