Your subscription to the service can be managed via the ‘Subscriptions’ page, allowing you to;

  • View your existing # users which contribute to your subscription

  • View the history of users which contribute to your subscription -

  • Switch to a different plan - either up, or down

  • Register or change your credit-card details

  • View and manage any add-ons you have requested (in addition to any which may be included in your selected plan)

Subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis in advance (eg. for the next month), for the amount shown on your selected plan.


Each plan caters for a certain number of active people (people whom haven't been archived or removed).

You can change your plan at any time, either up or down.

Some plans may come with additional facilities that others do not (eg. larger plans allow for groups to be setup in order to manage the larger numbers of people, whereas this is generally not available on smaller plans, in order to minimise the additional complexity)


Add-ons may be available to enable via the ‘Subscriptions’ page as well - their availability, complexity and pricing varies on a case-by-case basis.

Subscription Cancellation

We would be super sad to see you go, but understand that circumstances change, and sometimes you will need to cancel the VTEvents service.

What happens when you cancel your subscription?

Cancellation is immediate, and you’ll loose access to your information and access to the system when you cancel the service.

Because of this, you should ensure you’ve;

  • Transfer any relevant information you need to another system, or export it to Excel - ie. upcoming shifts, roster allocations, etc.

  • Save a copy of any information you might need for historical purposes - ie. hours worked, rosters from previous shifts, etc.

  • Save any other information you need to Excel - ie. staff lists, resource allocations to staff, etc.

  • Download any relevant files, documents, attachments, etc you need - ie. contracts, staff agreements, ID photos, event reports, etc.

  • Download everything you want to keep beforehand.

After roughly 3 months after you cancel, we’ll permanently delete your data, and from our backups shortly afterwards. If change your mind and would like to use the system again, we’d be more than happy to have you back, but this will need to be done within the first 3 months of cancellation if you would like to continue using the data you had on the system when you cancelled.

After 3 months, any records kept are removed from our systems - this includes;

  • All information & data;

    • Event lists

    • Clients

    • Roster & payroll information

    • Staff lists

    • Skills & qualifications

    • Resource information

    • etc

  • Any documents, files, photos, email attachments & other documents stored on the VTEvents platform

Why is it removed?

We take the responsibility of safeguarding your information very seriously, and part of that also means information should be removed when it’s no longer needed.