Roster Notification Templates

To customise roster-notifications (eg. when someone is added/removed to an event, or their roster is updated), 'Configuration' page (within the 'Settings' menu), then in the 'Events' tab, there's a button called 'Notifications' at the bottom of the page. This will open up an area which lets you change notification settings, as well as customise (or use the default message) the email messages as needed.

You can customise the notifications that get sent to people when their rostered status for an event changes.

To do this, select the roster status that you wish to customise the notification for, and then enter the message that you want to be sent.

You can include placeholder fields (e.g. '[First Name]', '[Event Name]', '[Event Location]'), which will contain information that will automatically change for each message - these can be added by either typing in the placeholder you want, or by selecting the placeholder from one of these dropdown menus:  in the formatting menu. 

Don't lose your work!

When you have finished creating your customised notification templates, remember to click the button on the site configuration page.