Site Configuration

The site configuration section allows you to customise the behaviour of the events management system. Site configuration is done on a per-group basis - to change the group which you wish to change the configuration for, click on the 'change' link next to the group name at the top of the page.

The site configuration page is split into three tabs - Events, People, and Accounts.


Default roster change notifications

This setting determines when people are notified of changes to events that they are attending. For more information, click this link

Post-event report recipients

This setting determines which people will receive post-event reports once they are completed.

Attempt to find staff for your event

This setting controls whether emails will be automatically sent to staff / volunteers with requests to attend understaffed events based on their availabilities calendar. for more information, see the 'Automatically finding staff' section on this page

Allow travel times to be entered

This setting determines whether the 'Travel Time' field will appear when a post event report is being created

Allow people to be double booked to events

This option determines whether a person can be booked for more than one event at the same time. For more information, see this page

Pre-populate times being confirmed

This determines whether time will be pre-populated when staff are confirming the hours worked at an event. For more information, see this page

Require staff to individually confirm their hours worked

This determines whether the team leader of an event will confirm the hours for each staff member when doing the post-event report, or whether each staff member will confirm their own hours. For more information, see this page

Allow people to withdraw themselves

This option determines whether staff will be able to withdraw themselves from the event roster on their own through the events system. For more information, see this page

Send clients pre-event emails

This option determines whether an email will be automatically sent to the event's client before the event to confirm the booking.

Send clients post-event emails

This option will determine whether a feedback request email will be sent to a client after an event. For more information, see this page

Automatically assign team-leaders at events

This will determine whether the first person added to an event is automatically set as the team leader. For more information, see this page

Expression of interest submissions

This will determine which people will receive expressions of interest for event attendance. For more information, see this page.

Minimum number of paid hours

This sets the minimum number of paid hours that a staff member should receive per shift. For more information, see this page

Roster notifications

You can customise the content of the notifications that get sent out to people when their roster status changes for an event. for more information, see this page.


People can update their own details

When selected, this allows people to update their own details through the 'Change my preferences' page (via the home page).

Details people will be able to modify include the following;

  • E-Mail Address & Date of Birth
  • Drivers licence details (type & any conditions)
  • Residential & Mailing Addresses
  • Contact Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contact Details

Any changes made to a persons details will be emailed to the people specified in the 'Notifications for change of contact details' (below) box.

Notifications for change of details

This determines who will be notified when somebody changes their own details through the 'Change my preferences' page.

People can upload their own documents

This determines whether people can upload documents for their own 'My Details' page.

People can add their own qualifications

This determines what type of qualifications people can add to their own 'My Details' page. You can also allow people to add spoken languages for themselves through this setting.

People able to enter administration hours

This determines which people are able to enter administration hours for themselves.

Send weekly events update' default setting

This determines whether people will receive a weekly email from the system by default.

Send notifications & reminders via SMS

This determines whether people will recieve time-critical notifications / reminders by SMS (e.g. event details are changed a day before the event)

Send reminders to update their details & availabilities

This determines whether reminders to update details and availabilities will be sent every 6 months.

Send requests to update their availabilities

This determines whether the system will automatically remind people to update their availabilities.

Sending messages

This determines the restrictions on messages sent through the system (e.g. disabling SMS, only allowing messages within groups, etc)

Remind people when their qualifications are about to expire

This determines whether reminders will be sent out when somebody's qualifications will expire soon.

Automatically format telephone numbers

This will determine whether the system automatically tries to format phone numbers - e.g. (03) 9123 4567

Default Pay Rate ($)

This determines the base hourly pay rate for staff. Additional pay rates (e.g. public holidays, weekends) are calculated as a percentage of this rate.

Default Pay Code

This determines what account code wage expenses are applied to. This applies when data is exported to accounting packages (e.g. MYOB)

Edit Availability Options 

This determines what options people are allowed to select when entering their availabilities, and the hours they apply to.

Expense Types

This setting determines which account code your expense types will be assigned to when exporting to an external accounting package.

Pay Rates

This allows you to create pay rates which will be used on specific weekdays or public holidays. The rates are calculated as a percentage of the base pay rate. For more details, click this link.


This allows you to create per-hour or per-shift allowances for staff in specific roles (e.g. phone usage for team leaders). For more details, click this link.


This enables the recruitment module, which allows for integration to other systems, such as your website. For further information, see this link.


Accounting Package for Invoicing

This determines what format invoices will be exported to. For more information about invoicing, click this link

Payment Terms

This setting determines what payment terms will be displayed on invoices.

Do event-fees already include GST?

This determines whether GST should be added to event fees on invoices, or whether GST is already included in the event fees within the event management system.

Automatically invoice events?

This determines whether an invoices for events will automatically be sent to the customer after the event's post-event report is completed.

Default status for invoices

This determines what the default status of an invoice will be when it is first created.

Sales Account Code

This determines what account will be associated with revenues from events.

Include names of people rostered in invoices:

This will determine whether the names for each staff member who attended the event will be included when generating invoices.

Accounting Package for Payroll

This determines what format payroll expenses will be exported into. For more information, click this link

Connect to Xero

This button allows you to connect the event management system to Xero, which allows the event management system and your Xero accounting system to talk to each other. For more information, click this link