Roster Settings

There are a number of options available to utilise when rostering - some of these are listed below;

These are group specific, meaning that each group which you setup can have different settings, depending on your needs.

There are additional site-wide settings available;

  • Minimum number of staff required at events

  • Default uniform

  • Showing event-rosters

  • Automatically withdraw staff from tentative shifts

  • Allow ID photos to be shown for people rostered (by default, other people viewing roster information can see a small version of the ID photos of people rostered).

  • Allow a user to roster anyone (users are otherwise limited to rostering people from groups they have permissions to access)

  • Restrict rostering to the positions specified in the “staff required” list

    • This also allows people to be rostered into equivalent positions which may have been setup, which are effectively the same as rostering someone into one of the positions listed in the “staff required” area, but may have different settings/payroll/etc applicable