Depending on your organisations requirements, you can customise some of the fields which are marked as required, show certain fields, as well as changing some of the field names.


Required fields

Certain fields can be setup as “required”, meaning they’ll need to be entered when entering events/people/etc.

Eg. you might indicate that the city & state must be entered when entering an event, or the date-of-birth information must be completed when people are being entered.

Hidden fields

Some fields are not normally shown, such as ID numbers for events and members, and certain optional additional fields which can be setup.

These can be shown (the ID numbers are shown when viewing the respective pages, and are not editable).

Alternate phone and email addresses for people can be used, such as if there is a company-supplied phone number/email address you would like to use.

Field names

Rather than using the standard names for certain fields, you can opt to rename some to suit your needs.


  • “Event” could be changed to “Shift”

  • “Reference No” could be changed to “Booking No”

If there are other fields you would also like to customise, please let us know via the ‘feedback’ area.