Recurring Events

This addon needs to be enabled for your subscription before it can be used.

Recurring events can be setup in the system, for instances where you might have an on-going shift at a business or sporting event across the year (or different periods).

When setup, recurring events are designed to use an existing event which has been setup in the system (such as one you've previously rostered staff to), and use the same details, duplicating it for future dates. Depending on how you setup the configuration for each recurring event will determine how far in advance they're added in. Eg - some events might be setup a year in advance, whereas others you might prefer to only have shown a month prior.

As time goes on, you might find that the event you've originally used no longer has accurate information for future shifts - in that case, it's best to update one of your future shifts with the updated information. From there, simply edit the existing recurring entry (this can be done by viewing all recurring entries and edit the one required), and chose a different 'event' to be used as the base which is used for future events.

Event Details

Recurring events are associated with an existing event, which can contain everything a normal event would typically have – uploaded documents, rosters, resources assigned, staff & volunteers required, etc.

Each day, the system will create any new events which are needed, based on the schedule you've entered in. These events are created by using the same process as duplicating an existing event for a future date. This in-turn will copy across any rosters, uploaded documents, numbers of staff required and so-on.

In addition to the standard details, the following information is also copied across to newly created events;

  • People rostered to the event

  • Resources assigned to the event

Viewing existing recurring events

Viewing existing entries can be done by clicking 'List all' in the events menu, then selecting the 'Tools' menu at the top right of the page. Within that list will be a 'Recurring Events' option which will show all recurring entries which are setup.


These can be added to, edited or removed as needed. Editing or deleting any existing entries will not change any of the events they've previously been associated with or have previously created.

Permissions required

To setup new, or manage existing recurring events, you will need to have 'manage' level permissions to the event you're wanting to base the recurring entry on.