Administration Hours

Note: This addon needs to be enabled for your subscription

Hours worked outside of events (eg. filing paperwork, cleaning vehicles, etc) which isn't related to particular shifts at events can be noted down as administration hours. Normally managers would enter any administration hours worked on behalf of their staff, although some staff can also be given permission to add any administration hours themselves (eg. if they frequently do work of that nature).

Adding administration hours for your staff/volunteers

To add administration hours for a particular staff member or volunteers, first view their details page, and select 'Admin Hours' from the 'Roster & Hours' dropdown-box at the top-right of the page. A calendar will be displayed showing any existing administration hours which have been entered - click on one of the days to add another entry.

From there, enter the date the hours were worked, as well as the number of hours and the general category the hours fall into. Click 'Save details' to save the entry.

Giving permission to staff to add their own hours

There are a number of ways staff can be given access to add in their own admin hours;

Based on the permission profiles;

To setup access based on permission profiles which are assigned, first add/edit a profile, and select one of the following options as required;

See the approvals page for more information on entries requiring approval.

Access allow staff to approve/manage admin-hour entries by selecting one of the last 3 options above;

  • Add own (approval required) & approve others;
    This lets the user add their own entries (which will need to be approved by someone else), as well as approve entries by other users

  • Add own & approve others
    This lets the user add their own entry (which does not need to be approved), as well as approve 'unapproved' entries by other users

  • Add own, approve & manage others
    This lets the user add their own entry (which does not need to be approved), as well as approve 'unapproved' entries by other users, and edit entries, both for themselves and other users
    When a user has this permission, the user will be able to view the admin hours of people in the groups the user has permissions for, and edit any associated entries shown.

Based on a role they hold;

Everyone whom holds a certain role can be given automatic access to add admin hours associated with that role - this can be done by editing the role in question, and select one of the following options are required;

See the approvals page for more information on entries requiring approval.

Via their profile;

To give someone access to add their own administration hours, first select 'View all hours' in the 'History' section of their personal details page. At the bottom of the 'Accumulated Hours History' page in the 'Administration Hours' section, click 'View/Add'. 'Allow adding own admin hours' can be found in the 'Settings' tab in the top-right corner. 

You can also specify a list of people whom have this access via the 'Configuration' page in the 'Settings' menu, and allow people with certain roles to have automatic access to adding their own access.

Broader access

You can more broadly give permissions to everyone in a group access to add their own admin hours by changing the configuration, which is available within the 'Self service' settings (at the bottom of the 'People' tab in the configuration page).

This can be set to either;

  • Only managers & people specified below

    • Only people with 'Modify' permissions to people in any of the groups they're part of can add administration hours to their profile & the profiles of people they're able to modify

    • Anyone whom is specified in the list can also add admin hours to their own profile

  • Anyone

    • Anyone whom can login to the system can add administration hours for themselves


Admin hours can be included in the payroll for those staff whom are being paid for hours worked.

To do this, you'll need to set what pay-rate should be paid for admin hours. This can be done a number of ways;

  1. Individual types (of admin hours) can be setup with a payroll rate. (Eg. when only certain types are paid, or paid at different rates)

  2. A default rate for admin-hour-types can be used when no specific per-type rate is set (eg. when a standard rate for all admin hours is paid ... but can still allow certain types (eg. staff meetings) to be paid at a different rate)

  3. The staff members standard rate can otherwise be used (where neither of the above is set). Different rates can still be used for certain types of admin hours.

Depending on your business requirements, you may only want to have hours for certain admin-hour types processed via payroll (eg. meetings might be not be paid, whilst servicing the vehicles is paid). In this case, set the 'When should admin hours be paid?' to 'Only where pay-rates are set'.

You may otherwise want to pay for all hours logged - in this instance, set 'When should admin hours be paid?' to 'All the time - for those whom are paid'. This will ensure the pay-rate set in the persons payroll details will be used in the absence of another pay-rate set (either based on the type of hours specified, or the default pay-rate for admin hours).

Because times are not entered for admin hours, for the purposes of calculating the rate, the rate applied will be calculated by using 9am as the start-time, with the finish time being the number of hours after 9am (eg. 5 hours logged will be interpreted from 9am to 2pm (2pm being 5 hours after 9am).