Training Schedule

Note: This requires the “Training schedule” addon to be enabled in your subscription

Events which are setup in the system as training for your staff/volunteers can be added to a “Training schedule” page, as a way to highlight training which your staff/volunteers can attend.

These events can be added individually, or automatically, based on how you would like to use this area.

Typically, the best approach is to setup this page to automatically;

  • List all your training events (by specifying your ‘Training’ event type(s).

  • Include any events which have ‘learning outcomes’ specified as part of the training schedule (for example; people whom attend a certain driver-training day will attain a certificate of competency in driver-awareness).


The training schedule can be setup by clicking the ‘Settings’ button at the top-right of the training schedule page, and customising the options shown;

Including other events;

To individually add other events to the schedule, add the event(s) into the system, then select the training sessions/courses you'd like to add (from the events-list), and in the 'Select an action' list at the bottom of the events-list, choose 'Add to training schedule'.

The dashboard will include a ‘Training schedule’ link though to training events which are displayed.