The dashboard shows a quick summary of information, such as events coming up this month, any items which need to be attended to (eg. if any hours need to be confirmed, reports completed, etc), as well as notices and documents which might be relevant.

Also available is a quick access toolbar which allows you to go directly to frequently used pages, such as upcoming events, listing events you are scheduled to attend, viewing your hours, etc. If you need to return to the dash-board at any stage, simply click the 'Dashboard' link at the top left of the menu, or the logo in the top left of the screen.


Documents can be uploaded to the dash-board and viewed by anyone in the group the document has been assigned to. If your organisation contains multiple departments and sub-areas, you can share documents with all sub-groups which have been setup (eg. a document assigned to the 'Australian' head office can be shared to all states and cities which are setup as various sub-groups of the 'Australian' head office).

The permissions required to upload a new document to a group are the same as those required to add a new person into that group.