Events as Training & Courses

Note: This requires the “Training Scheduleaddon to be enabled in your subscription

Training courses, sessions, re-accreditation, etc can be setup as an event with participants, trainers/instructors, etc rostered, as well as resources and so-on added.

Training/course outcomes can be specified (which are subsequently shown in the event details area to anyone viewing the event).

The training schedule can also be filtered to find any event which lists certain skills/qualifications as training outcomes - for instance, if someone needs to undertake a certain course, they’re able to find it in the events list by filtering for events which have that course as an outcome.

Additional access for trainers

The event teams/positions can be setup to give trainers/instructors/assessors additional access to view existing skills/qualifications participants to their courses/training sessions have (eg. to assess any prerequisites which are require & existing knowledge they may have).

This can be configured in the ‘event teams/positions’ area (as below);

The above example allows people assigned into this position to both view existing skills/qualifications (any), as well as add any “Certification” and “Rating” skills/quals to participants profiles.

Adding skills/qualifications which were taught

Additionally, if you wish, assessors/trainers can be allowed to add skills to the profiles of the participants whom attended the course - eg. on course completion, the learning outcomes (for instance, “Intro to using radios”).

This can be done via the “Detailed Info” page in the “Roster” menu at the top-right of the event details, followed by selecting those people whom you would like to give the skills/qualifications to;

The following popup is then shown, where those skills/qualifications can be entered;

If a skill/qualification is setup to require approval when being added, this will still need to be done as normal.