Service History

Note: The ‘Service history’ addon is required for this area

As your organisation grows, there may be instances where a staff member’s employment/volunteer’s service history needs to be produced.


The service history which the system can produce includes;

  • Years of service

  • Groups the user has been associated with

  • Roles they have had

  • Positions they’ve been assigned

  • Skills & qualifications they’ve attained and/or held

Each of these areas can be edited to refine any gaps (ie. historical information which hadn’t been imported in the past), mistakes, etc.

The service history for a person can also be exported as a PDF document.

The modification history of changes is also available for review as required.


Reports of years of service can also be produced for each year, including information such as;

  • Hours worked for the selected year

  • Admin hours for the selected year

  • Total hours for the year

  • Total years of service for each person


The minimum number of hours required for each year can be set in the ‘Settings’ area (at the top-right of the ‘Service history’ reports area).

Once the minimum-hours is set, the system will use this to automatically calculate the years which have been accrued.


Certain event-types can also be excluded in this area (eg. you might not want work meetings or training counted towards the minimum number of hours required for service years).

Cut-off periods can be setup to “lock out” previous calendar years or periods to prevent historical records from being edited - eg. you can opt to prevent editing to rostering or admin hours which are dated on or before 30/Dec/2020. Admin staff can still make changes if required, and you can also specify certain permission profiles (ie. ones you’ve setup for HR / Awards & recognition staff / etc to use) so people whom are assigned those permission profiles can also make changes.

The following options exist to setup the cut-off for records;

  • Cut-off period for additions/changes - by setting this, the system will use a “rolling” date - eg. prevent changes to records over 6 months old.

  • Cut-off date for additions/changes - this allows a specific date to be specified - eg. prevent changes to records on/before 30/Dec/2020
    If both a date and a “Cut-off period for additions/changes“ have been set, the later of the two will be used - eg. if 30/Dec/2005 is set, as well as “12 months” is specified, and today’s date is 1/Dec/2021, the effective “cut-off” date used will be 1/Dec/2020 (as 12 months before 1/Dec/2021 is sooner than 30/Dec/2005).
    If the cut-off date set is 1/Nov/2021, the period is “12 months”, and today’s date is 1/Dec/2021, then the effective cut-off date used will be 1/Nov/2021 (as the date is sooner than 12 months before 1/Dec/2021).

  • Cut-off date - permissions profile required for changes - this lets you specify any permission profiles which should allow changes to the rostering/admin hour records after-the-fact. I.e. Users whom have been setup with one of these permissions profiles will be able to make rostering changes prior to the cut-off date.