Collecting breakdowns of stats

Note: This requires the ‘Post event report stats’ addon to be included in your subscription

Breakdowns can be collated from the post-event reports, such as;

  • What types of assistance was provided at events

  • Consumables which were used at the event


These can be setup via the ‘Lists’ area, found at the top-right of the ‘Configuration’ page (in the ‘Other’ menu).

New lists can be added by clicking ‘Add new’, which shows the following page and can be added to & expanded at any time if needed.


As an example, the types of assistance can be added, which can later be reported on.

In the above example, these types can later be reported on, both individually for each event, as well as across multiple events, clients, locations and so-on.

This level of detail can give your organisation a better understanding of the types of work their staff/volunteers might expect at certain events, by certain clients, etc, based on previous events.

It also allows your organisation to better prepare for future events, based on comprehensive past event data & information.

Linked to…

In addition, lists can be linked to certain fields to better ensure the information being entered is complete - eg. the total number of “people assisted” should equate to the “assistance provided” entries which have been entered.

If other custom number-fields are enabled in the post-event report, these too can be linked to lists if needed.