Linking events / relationships

This addon needs to be enabled for your subscription before it can be used.

Events can be linked to other events – such as for when there a multiple shifts created, or multiple days with an individual event per day. This allows for complex rosters to be setup – such as staff attending different days, at different times in different positions. This can be setup by clicking on the 'Linked / related events' item in the 'Select an action' dropdown list at the bottom of the 'view event details' screen.


This presents a box with a search facility to find events to link to, and displays events already linked below that.

Once related events have been found and added to the list, you then need to set the type of relationship one event has to another (Eg. If the event you are viewing is part of another event, is a duplicate of another, is related to another, etc), as well as specifying if the event you are viewing is part of another (eg. If the event you're currently viewing is a shift inside a larger event, or the other way around – you can specify this by clicking the 'swap sides' link).

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