Editing & adding to maps

Adding shapes / points & making changes

To add features (points / lines / shapes) to the map, select one from toolbar at the top right and draw it on the map. When drawing lines & shapes, double-click to finish drawing.

To make changes, first select the feature (point / line / shape) from the map, then select what you would change from the list below.

The above toolbar (shown at the top-right of your page) shows a number of things you can do;

  • Adding shapes

  • Adding lines

  • Adding dot-points (eg. points-of-interest)

  • Removing items drawn

  • Moving an item drawn

  • Unselecting the previous tool (go back to using the mouse normally)

  • Saving your work

For example;

Lines can be drawn (as above), indicating fencing, running tracks, etc.

Single dot-points can be added, for instance meeting places, points of interest, etc.

Shapes can also be added, such as the one above to indicate an area of interest.

Remember to save your work by clicking the 'disk' icon at the top right of the screen when you're done!