Allocating resources

Resources can be allocated to a particular event by viewing the event's details, and then clicking "Allocate resources" under the resources section.


Select the resource that you would like to add, and then click on the "Add to Event" button

A fee can be charged for resources allocated - click for more details.

Once you have finished allocating resources to the event, click the "Save and Close" button to return to the event details page. You can also click the "Apply Changes" button to save your changes without leaving the page.

Short-term allocations

Short term allocations can be used where a resource might be used and isn't available to be allocated to an event over that time.

Some examples of this might be for:

  • Maintenance (eg. if a vehicle is broken down, or is being serviced)
  • Being assigned for someone to use over a number of days (a short-term basis)
  • When it has been assigned for another activity or task other than an event which is added to the system

To add in short-term allocations, first view the resource and then click the 'Add short-term allocation' link at the bottom of the page. From there, complete the required information, including the dates & times it will be unavailable for, as well as the contact details for the resource during that time.

Allocating resources to people

If you have a resource which will always travel with a certain person (for example, a laptop that is given to a staff member for work), you can allocate that resource to a person.


This is done by editing the resource's details page, and selecting the appropriate option under the 'Allocated to' section


When a resource is allocated to a person, the resource will automatically appear under the 'Resources' section of any events that the person is rostered to.

De-allocating resources

To de-allocate a resource from a person, navigate to the "edit resource details" page for that resource and select "No allocation" under the resource's location options.

Allocating resources to other resources

You can allocate resources to other resources much in the same way as when allocating resources to people. to find out more, see Allocating resources to other resources