Submitting stats & info during the event

For larger events, or where you would like on-going stats submitted, stats can be submitted via the ‘Add event stats’ option in the event ‘Tools’ menu (at the top-right of the event page).

Note this is for use on the day of the event, and access to add stats is available only when the event is happening (with allowances to add information shortly before and after the event is due to finish).

From there, stats are entered as below;

Event managers are then able to view the stats-entered via the same ‘Tools’ menu, to show the latest information from the their staff.

This may be useful also for making changes on-the-fly, based on stats and trends as they appear - eg. by placing additional water in crowded areas to reduce numbers of people requiring assistance.

If posts are used at the event, this information also is shown on a post-by-post basis (eg. if there are multiple areas within an event which are staffed).


Another option to pass information across during an event, is to use the ‘Add documents’ facility which is available for people attending the events to upload documents, such as;

  • Photos of the event

  • Records of their work completed

  • Copies of any paperwork which needs to be uploaded, prior to the post-event report being submitted

This facility is separate to the post-event report, and allows files & photos to be uploaded during the event.