Logging in with your Google/Facebook accounts

If you're a user of either Google or Facebook and have an account with them, you can link it to the system so all you need to do is click the 'Facebook' or 'Google' button on the login screen to login.

Behind the scenes, when you click to login, we ask the account provider (either Facebook/Google) if you're logged in, and if so, what account are you using. We then find your corresponding account within the system and log you in using that.

To associate your VTevents account with either Facebook or Google, simple goto the 'My password' screen in the system, and follow the prompts. It's generally a very quick process to go through to setup.

We only store your Account ID in the respective system, along with some information each of the respective providers passes across to identify you next time you login. We don't look at, or store any friends lists, status updates or anything like that - nor do we request any additional permissions to do anything apart from asking if you're logged in, and as who.