Venue information can be stored in the system, and in-turn used at events as required. Some examples of this include a;

  • Moto-cross track you frequent, where certain maps and skills/qualifications are required
  • Office building with contact numbers for security
  • Shopping centre where inductions your staff and volunteers need to undertake before a shift
  • Sporting complex with maps where vehicles should be parked, and first aid & event staff are located
  • Monthly/annual festival with operations plans and maps for road closures, and other documents

Additional information

The following information can be stored, in addition to standard info such as a venue name, address, contact phone number, etc.

  • Documents (eg. maps, plans, instructions, etc) can be attached to venue information, and in-turn shared with the staff and volunteers attending an event at that venue.
  • Instructions to staff attending can also be entered, which are passed onto the people attending.
  • Additional skills & quals your staff & volunteers need when attending those venues (eg. special inductions, or training courses to attend specific venues).
  • Resources can be assigned to the venue, eg. equipment in a first-aid room, job-site, staff room and so-on. A list of these resources assigned is shown within the event details for events at the venue.
  • Extra mapping information - eg. 

Adding & Managing venues

To manage venue information, or add new venues in, goto the 'Events' list and click 'Venues' in the top-right 'Tools' list (shown below);

Mapping information

Extra information can be added to maps which is then included whenever events are held at the venues you've added information to.

Some examples might include;

  • Entrance / exit points
  • Emergency access entrance points
  • Fencing
  • Site-offices
  • Key points of interest
  • Car-parks
  • Popular public areas

See 'Editing & adding to maps' for more information on editing and adding to existing maps.