Mapping & GIS

Maps of where people & resources reside and where your events are held are available in the system. These can be fine-tuned if needed (at times the location has been approximated, and should be checked for accuracy) (by clicking the 'Change' link when viewing the map in the small popup window).


Mapping information about your events isn't available to the general public, and as-such, you need to provide some credentials to access them. See API Keys for more info.


Event maps can also be edited to include other information such where entrances & emergency exits have been placed (points), as well as secured areas, car-parks, event spaces, meeting areas, road-closures, and more (rectangles & other shapes). This can be done by clicking the 'map location' icon next to the event address, and clicking 'Edit' or 'Full screen'.

At times, the location may need to be adjusted - this can be done by clicking 'Change/Adjust' when showing the map for an event;

Once the star in the middle has been moved to where the event is, click 'Save'.

GIS Information & Data

GeoJSON data can be obtained by one of the following URL's, depending on your needs. Typically these contain as a minimum the name, id number and a URL to more details for an item, however also typically contain additional information depending on the information retrieved (eg. people might have a phone number included, and resources might also have a type & sub-type included).


People assigned to rosters:

https://<your address>/events/list-roster.geojson?events[]=<event id>
https://<your address>/events/list-roster.geojson?events[]=<event id>&events[]=<2nd event id, etc>

Resources available for events;

https://<your address>/resources/list-available.geojson?events[]=<event id>


All people by group;

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[members][group][]=1
https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[members][group][]=<group id>&filter[members][group][]=<2nd group id>

Including all sub-groups can be done by including the following param "&filter[members][group][show-all-subgroups]=true";

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[members][group][]=1&filter[members][group][show-all-subgroups]=true


All resources by group;

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[resources][group][]=<group id>
https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[resources][group][]=<group id>&filter[resources][group][]=<2nd group id>

Including all sub-groups can be done by including the following param "&filter[members][group][show-all-subgroups]=true";

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[resources][group][]=1&filter[resources][group][show-all-subgroups]=true


Filters for addresses beginning with the following can be combined;

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson

Eg. to get all people and resources for a group;

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[members][group][]=1&filter[resources][group][]=1

Or to get all people from one group, and resources from two groups;

https://<your address>/other/gis/get.geojson?filter[members][group][]=1&filter[resources][group][]=1&filter[resources][group][]=2


Additional data can be made available on request – contact us if you have any specific needs which haven't already been included already here.